A guide to choosing your tap

A guide to choosing your tap

When you’re updating your bathroom suite, choosing the right basin taps can really alter its look and feel. Our buying guide will help you to choose the style that’s right for you.

What are the main types of basin taps?

Before looking into finishes and styles, it’s important to consider what kind of basin tap is most practical for your bathroom. All of our taps at VictoriaPlum.com can be used with any type of water system, including low pressure. So, whether yours is gravity fed, pumped, unvented high pressure or you have a fully modulated combi-boiler, you’ll find the perfect basin taps in our range.

Pillar taps

If your basin has two tap holes, you’ll need a pair of separate pillar taps: one for hot water and one for cold. Pillar taps come in a range of different styles, from sleek lever handles to the traditional cross head, so you’re sure to find something to complement your bathroom and your taste.